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Unit 1, Regency Court, Friary Street, Kilkenny R95 D90V

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056 780 0444

Pizza Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a historic city. Take a turn down any side streets off High Street or John Street, and you’ll soon find yourself amongst some of the most notable historic buildings in the country. And not to blow our own trumpet, but stroll along Friary Street, and you’ll soon find yourself face-to-face with one of Kilkenny’s hidden gems: Four Star Pizza Kilkenny.

We serve up Kilkenny’s best pizza from our location in the middle of town. Whether you’re in town and fancy something to take to the park or are sitting at home and know Four Star Pizza is absolutely the best option for dinner, get on the phone or click the Order Now button to get pizza delivered in Kilkenny right now.

What makes Four Star Pizza Kilkenny special?

Four Star Pizza takes great pride in how we source ingredients and the goodies we use to make great pizzas and sides every day. Every single pizza that goes in our ovens is made from fresh dough that is made in-store every single day – we take no shortcuts in making pizza just how you want it.

Add to that some of the sensational seasonal pizzas we create the wide selection of delicious toppings (don’t forget the free toppings) and our unbeatable deals and you know that Four Star Pizza Kilkenny is your number one pizza spot in Kilkenny.

Does Four Star Pizza Kilkenny deliver?

We sure do. Four Star Pizza Kilkenny delivers pizza everywhere in town. We try our very best to get orders to you within 30 minutes and we will let you know if you’re too far out of our catchment area. It’s very important to us that your pizza is delivered fresh and hot.

If you ever feel your delivery is running late, give us a quick call, and we’ll let you know what’s happening. And if you just can’t wait for your Four Star Pizza to arrive, having the app on your phone is the perfect way to order and track the delivery status. It’s also a great way to collect points so you can save on future orders.

Where can I see the Four Star Pizza Kilkenny menu?

Is all this talk about pizza making you hungry already? Click here to see the full menu. Make sure you check out the meal deals we have on offer first because that’s the best way to save money on pizza and get some tasty sides, especially if you have a sweet tooth and like the idea of getting some yummy cookies in your order.

Can I get Four Star Pizza Kilkenny for an event?

If there’s going to be a really good pizza party in Kilkenny it’s because we’re invited. Whether it’s pizza in the office, a birthday party or even a wedding, Four Star Pizza Kilkenny can turn it into something sensational. And that’s guaranteed because who doesn’t like pizza? You’re right – nobody.

Get in touch over the phone as we can sometimes provide special meal deals for large groups. Call us and we’ll see what we can do.

Does Four Star Pizza Kilkenny offer veggie or vegan pizzas?

It is really important to us that everyone gets the perfect Four Star Pizza experience. A big part of that is down to offering a varied menu that meets a range of dietary requirements. Our pizza bases are vegan, with no nasty ingredients or surprises, and if you look at your options when picking your pizza, you’ll see that we have vegan toppings and dips too. There’s also a full list breaking down ingredients by diet preference here.

We’re also working hard to keep finding exciting new ingredients for customers and we keep an updated list of allergens on our homepage.

If there are any questions about veggie or vegan pizza options, or you want clarity on ingredients, please get in touch over the phone, and the Kilkenny pizza team will let you know.

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