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  • Four Star Pizza - Atif
    Atif Hussain, franchisee and owner of Four Star Pizza and Bun Bros in Cobh, Co. Cork

    Atif Hussain, originally from Pakistan, graduated with a business degree from a UK university. He came to Ireland in 2010 and worked in a large pizza chain in a senior management position for several years.

    “Before I invested in Four Star Pizza as a franchisee, I was an assistant manager in a large pizza chain for seven years, so this business opportunity was very close to my heart, and it made sense as I had a lot of experience in the industry. Four Star Pizza was the perfect business investment for me. Recently, I have also invested in Bun Bros which is great as I have two excellent brands under one roof. Working with Four Star Pizza’s head office has been really helpful: They will always answer all your questions so you will never be left in the dark. It’s great to have the support of an experienced lead team rather than just yourself because if you’re unsure of something or have a question, it will always be answered quickly, and you never feel alone in running your business.”

  • Four Star Pizza - Press Eye
    Ashutosh Kinra and Regina Mészáros, franchisees and owners of Four Star Pizza and Bun Bros in Ennis, Co. Clare.

    Ashutosh and Regina came from the hospitality industry before becoming franchisees and joining the Four Star Pizza team.

    ‘’After years of working in the hospitality industry – both kitchen and food service management – we had taken the plunge in 2020 to start our own business. Frankly, the pandemic convinced us to invest in a reliable and growing fast food brand.

    We felt Four Star Pizza and Bun Bros was the perfect fit for us, mostly because there is support system in place in terms of marketing, advertising, and IT, but also worth mentioning are the other franchisees. This is truly beneficial – especially to first time entrepreneurs – to be able to rely on the experts to help you manage and grow your business.’’

  • Four Star Pizza - Press Eye
    Darren Colgan, franchisee, and owner of four Four Star Pizza stores and one Bun Bros store across Northern Ireland.

    From Four Star Pizza driver to franchisee, County Antrim man Darren Colgan started work as a delivery driver for Four Star Pizza Belfast when he was aged 19. Darren then left to go to university in Scotland where he also learned a lot working part-time as a driver for a different pizza chain while studying at Edinburgh University.

    "I started as a driver and now I employ 43 staff and have 58 contracted drivers. Before becoming a franchisee, I worked as a delivery driver in the Belfast stores for a few years before moving in-store to work. I worked my way up to management and then finally to owning my own stores, it's been hard work, but I've really enjoyed being able to set up my own stores."

  • Franchisee Owner
    Seamus Lane, franchisee, and owner of five Four Star Pizza and two Bun Bros stores in Cork City and County.

    Seamus was a schoolteacher in Cork City for many years before he joined the Four Star Pizza team as a franchisee.

    He chose the Four Star Pizza model, because “the head office team had a proven track record with this pizza concept, in both the Irish and USA markets.

    There was excellent training available in all aspects of setting up, marketing, and running the business. This help and assistance from head office, along with a robust business plan based on the existing trading figures from other franchised stores, gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to feel that this business would work well in the Cork market.

    The financial advice and banking contacts from Four Star Pizza helped secure equipment leasing and the loans I needed, both to set up the business initially and to fund the business through its initial growth phase.

    Franchising, as a business concept with the Four Star Pizza team, is a successful way to set up your new business. You are buying into a concept, with a proven track record (over 40 years in Ireland) and a very well-known and highly-regarded brand.”


At Four Star Pizza, we are a full member of the Irish Franchisee Association. Our franchise is expanding throughout the island of Ireland, and we are looking for highly ambitious franchise partners to join our extensive network.

As one of Ireland’s largest and most successful pizza delivery brands, the network has grown to almost sixty stores across the island of Ireland.

We make fresh dough daily in store. We make each pizza to order from the finest ingredients and deliver them to our customers’ doors within 30 minutes. If customers prefer to pick them up, carry out pizzas are ready within 10 minutes.

That’s why Four Star Pizza has been so successful and that’s what we expect from every franchise in the chain.

Pizza quality is non-negotiable.

What do I need to have before I apply for a Franchise?

You’ll need four things:

Catering/Restaurant management experience

Evidence of funds (capital investment and or bank funding) and 18 months of working capital provision

Your full CV

Full Business Plan

But you should also ask yourself these questions:

Q1 Do you have experience running your own business?

Q2 Would you like to?

Q3 Are you experienced at leading a team? Planning, organising, and executing operations across your business?

Q4 Are you a good communicator with a history of engaging with your local community?

If not, then franchising may not be for you… but…

You are who we are looking for if you…

  • are active in your local community.
  • are passionate about operating a food-to-go business.
  • will be present in your business to grow it and develop your team.
  • have business management experience with P&L responsibility.
  • understand and value how a franchising system works.
  • are totally focused on a great customer experience.
  • are great with people and building teams.
  • have a competitive drive and desire to succeed.
  • possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and are fluent in English.
  • feel comfortable working with technology.
  • have a strong cash position to invest and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. We’re only looking for people who will be hands-on in developing their business. This includes managing day-to-day operations, executing a local store marketing plan, implementing and following Head Office standards and being active in local community and obsessed by serving great pizza to customers day after day with a memorable customer experience.

Overall no, that is the franchisee’s responsibility. We can share with you target geographical locations where we wish to develop the brand. Once location is agreed, normally the franchisee negotiates the lease terms and conditions with a landlord and the franchisee becomes the tenant. You should obtain professional advise regarding all lease negotiations. Four Star Pizza reviews all leases before you sign and our review will help support your decision.

Four Star Pizza does not provide financing. We are looking for franchisees with personal funding to invest in the brand and establish their own business.

We do not predict the sales or profitability of any store as there are many contributing factors. We will however provide you with the support and knowledge to help you optimise all profit opportunities.

A lot of factors govern the time scales from contacting us to sending out your first customer delivery. Typically, from initial contact to store opening, assuming the legal and funding processes complete on time, you could be opening and trading your Four Star Pizza franchise within 3-4 months.

Let’s get cooking!

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