Welcome to Four Star Rewards where you can earn pizza points for every purchase you make online.

Every 1 cent spent is worth 1 pizza point!

Once you reach at least 10000 points you can start redeeming these points against the cost of future purchases online.

This can be done in the rewards section on the checkout screen of your order.

If you have an existing online account you will automatically be set up on our rewards program.

If you don’t have an existing account just place an order online and your rewards account will be automatically set up.

Another quick and fun way to earn points is by playing our Epic Pizza Challenge Game!

The super fun, free online game can be played on mobile, tablet and desktop and it’s set over six levels. The main objective is to collect the right ingredients to create the perfect freshly made Four Star Pizza dough base and five types of mouth-watering pizza. After successfully completing the six levels the player unlocks a rewards screen where they can input their Four Star Pizza account e-mail to trigger the redemption of points accrued during gameplay.

Every month, each unique player is entitled to accrue 5,000 Rewards Points from the Epic Pizza Challenge Game. Click the link here and start playing now!

Be on the look out for exclusive loyalty promotions and double point offers.