Meet our Heroine’s

Four Star Pizza celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 by putting a spotlight
on some of the outstanding people in our network.

Meet Regina Meszaros, franchisee and store owner of Four Star Pizza and Bun Bros in Ennis, Co. Clare.  

Regina Meszaros - Four Star Pizza Franchisee Owner

Why did you choose to become a business owner?
I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family where my grandparents had their own local business and so did my Mum. I think because of that it was always in the cards to eventually start a business. My partner and I have been planning this for a few years, but we did not find the right place for us. Due to the pandemic I got temporarily laid off from my job and, to be completely honest, this gave us a push we needed to actively look for a place and start our business. Talk about silver linings! 
What is your education or career background?
I graduated from NUIG with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and from Shannon College of Hotel Management with a Diploma in International Hotel Management. All of my jobs were in hotels up until now, ranging from food and beverage and events management to accounts. 
Do you find any challenges being a woman business leader? 
I feel every leader faces challenges on a daily basis regardless of their gender, but as a petite woman I have definitely faced challenges fighting against stereotypes. Some of these challenges were external however it is important to mention all the ‘internal challenges’ like finding my own voice, being confident in presenting ideas, standing up for my values and motivating my team at difficult times. 
What advice would you give to any young women looking to set up their own business? 
This is going to be an absolute cliche but it is so true… work hard and be patient! All those long hours will eventually pay off and if something doesn’t work out do not be too hard on yourself. Regroup, don’t be afraid of asking for advice or help from your support system and try again. 

Meet Ciara Kellett, project lead on Bun Bros, a new Irish brand developed in conjunction with Four Star Pizza. 

Ciara Kellet - Project Lead on Bun Bros

What is your education or career background?  

I originally studied marketing and have worked in FMCG (retail grocery) and food service all of my career since leaving college. 

What attracted you to the business world? 

Nobody, as a child, wakes up and says, “I want to work in FMCG.” It was where my qualification and the job market led me. Luckily for me, as for so many of my colleagues across the years, I loved the industry when I got here.  

What was it like being a project lead on a new brand like Bun Bros 

I absolutely loved working on and developing the Bun Bros brand. From the start it was working with a great team of people in Four Star Pizza, and we work very in sync with each other which is a huge benefit on any project.  

The core challenge in creating the product and the brand was living up to the brief which was essentially: “deliver epic burgers and fries that tasted as good at home as when they were made in the restaurant”. Going out and sourcing suppliers and developing products that would deliver on this. 

After extensive testing, I found truly great Irish suppliers for our burgers and our buns, the key elements to the Bun Bros experience. 

Building the expanded menu offering around these elements was exciting. I was about maintaining quality while addressing market trends and tastes and developing a comprehensive menu that delivered for our customer base. 

It’s a personal thrill to see a brand project like this come together and to watch people’s reactions on the high street when they encounter the look, the menu and their first bite of the burger – “Wow! This tastes amazing!!” are consistently the first words from our customers and that’s very fulfilling. 

We have now opened our 10th Bun Bros in Douglas, Cork and we have a further five scheduled to open in the coming months, so the excitement continues as project lead. 

What has been your proudest achievements so far 

I am incredibly proud of Bun Bros and the reaction the brand has gotten since we launched it. With 10 now open and more in the pipeline it is great to see something that I developed, with the team, grow into a nationwide brand that delivers excellent quality, tasty food. It is not often in your career that you get to work on a brand from inception through to it becoming a nationwide name and for me to be able to have done this and to help develop it further is a very proud achievement. 

What advice would you give to young women looking to get into the business world?  

I have always thought of myself as an equal and that it is about the best person for the job and to be this best person you need to focus on bringing the best version of yourself to the role. Where you start out will not be where you finish up, but you will take that experience with you as you go along and that is what you will build on. It was my experience working in the food service business that five years later was what I was drawing on and building on to develop the Bun Bros brand.  



Meet Christina Chapman, franchisee and store owner of Four Star Pizza, New Ross, Co. Wexford.  

Christina Chapman - Franchisee& Store Owner of Four Star Pizza



Why did you choose to become a business owner? 

It’s a real cliché but I wanted to be my own boss and own a business.  

It didn’t just happen like that, but that was the main reason for making it happen. An opportunity crossed my path while working for my employers who were property developers at the time. In my work, we were communicating with Four Star Pizza about interest in taking occupancy of property and as time went by, I saw the opportunity to maybe become that franchisee myself, be my own boss and own a business. So, my journey to becoming a local business owner began there when my husband Tom (co-owner) and I decided to invest in a Four Star Pizza franchise business 

What is your education or career background? 

My background is in finance, so I would primarily oversee the book-keeping, HR aspects of the business, along with social media, marketing and all other administration. I also have a background in property management dealing with all aspects of property lettings which led me to owning a Four Star Pizza store. 

In this industry, for your business to succeed you also need to be willing to jump into any job position when needed whether it is order taking or out doing deliveries, which you will find me doing from time to time also whenever needed.  

So no knowledge or experience in the pizza business before opening almost 12 years ago… I must be doing something right.  

Do you find any challenges being a women leader? 

No, I have not met any challenges in this industry over the years that were specific to me being a woman. I’m sure women in other industries do still but I do think the gender gap in society has closed more over the years.  

What advice would you give to any young women looking to set up their own business? 

Go for it. But you must be willing to put in the time, sacrifice and effort necessary to reach your goals, things will not be handed to you just because you think you might deserve it. Tackle each problem individually rather than all together and then your failings (which there will be) will be clearer and you can learn from them.  

Work hard and evolve and appreciate the people around you as it takes a TEAM to succeed. It’s important to delegate tasks. Our business success is also down to the hard work of dedicated and loyal employees, (some who have been with us for more than 10 years and many for over five years) they are the foundation to the business success.